The ancient Greeks were music lovers. Music was an important part of their daily lives and was performed at public gatherings, ceremonies, festivals, the theatre, sporting events and even on the battlefield. Athenian children were taught music as part of their education. They usually learned the lyre, a wooden stringed instrument played with a plectrum.

A double-aulos was a pair of pipes with vibrating reeds, which worked like the mouthpiece of a modern bassoon. The musicians are wearing special supportive cheek-straps whilst they play the instruments.

One form of entertainment Greek men greatly enjoyed was the symposium, or drinking party. Women were banned from these lively occasions, unless they were employed to entertain the men with their music or dancing.

"Knucklebones" was a popular game for both children and adults. One way of playing it is essentially the game "jacks". When a "jack" was thrown into the air, players had to grab as many of the knucklebones as possible and then catch the falling jack.

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