[1] A list of Gods and Goddesses in ancient Greece.

  • Zues(God of the Sky)
  • Posieden(God of the Sea)
  • Hades(God of the Underworld)
  • Hermes(God of Messengers/Theives)
  • Ares(God of War)
  • Aphrodite(Goddess of Love)
  • Hephestus(God of Fire(tinkering))
  • Artemis(Goddess of the Hunt)
  • Athena(Goddess of Battle Strategy)
  • Demeter(Goddess of Agriculture)
  • Dionysus(God of Wine)
  • Hera(Goddess of Family)
  • Hestia(Goddess of the Hearth)
  • Apollo(God of the Sun)
  • 'Aeolos(God of the Wind)'
  • 'Boreas(God the North Wind)'
  • 'Eros(God of Love{Cupid in Latin})'
  • 'Hypnos(God of Sleep)'
  • Morpheus(God of prophetic dreams)
  • Notus(God of South Wind)
  • Pan(God of Sheperds)
  • 'Zephyrus(God of the West Wind)'
  • 'Hecate(Goddess of Magic and Crossroads)'
  • 'Iris(Goddess of Rainbows)'
  • 'Nyx(Goddess of Night)'
  • 'Persephone(Goddess of the Underworld{against her own will})'
  • 'Selene[Luna](Goddess of the Moon)'
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